9-Part Video Series

Make a Difference and Make a Fortune

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In this first video in a 9-part series originally aimed at recruiting agents to his local team, Jonathan shares how to make $103k in income in just 4 months using multiple types of leads.

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In order to make a difference AND make a fortune in real estate, you must have 3 areas of your life firing on all cylinders:

  1. Personal life
  2. Financial life
  3. Business life

You must work on these three areas continually, and we find that when two of these are going strong the third usually falls into place.

There are also 4 skills needed:

  1. Attitude- Your energy and enthusiasm level must be high
  2. Prospecting- Find what works for you and commit to the work
  3. Present- You need phenomenal presentation skills
  4. Asking- You have to ask for what you want, especially referrals

Be sure to watch the video to see the breakdown of how to turn one seller listing into $103k of income in just 4 months, it’s very powerful and motivating to see the exact process.


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