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REPLAY: Lead Conversion Secrets: Scripts, Dialogue and Mindset to Convert at 50%

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Welcome back to our special interview series where we go deep into the systems and strategies that allow you to earn more and work less.

This interview is all about lead conversion, where I’ve developed some very unconventional ways to turn leads into clients and friends, then leverage those client relationships into referrals to more ideal clients.

We cover excerpts from my Guide To Your Success, such as the 7 Key Communication Skills. A broker once paid me $35,000 for this guide, which is basically a manual of the systems I developed for myself and agents I hired to join my team.

In this special interview, I cover three key things:

Unorthodox ways to follow up with potential clients – including my scripts and gift-giving strategies
How a simple change in your mindset from “prospecting” to “conversations” can yield you radically different results in your lead conversion
How I can operate my business on as little as 2 new leads per month

Resources & Links:

Strategy Call – We’ll work together for 30 minutes so you leave with plan for getting what you want, a program for working your plan, and a system for tracking results.

Webinar Replay – How I Sold $300 Million in Residential Real Estate – If you implemented just 25% of what you learn on this webinar you would add $300-500k to your income.

4 Secret Steps to Success -A direct download link to my 10-page guide to success in real estate.

Here are the show notes with timestamps so you can jump to the sections that interest you:

[2:46] My mindset for following up with potential clients – why I don’t call it “lead follow-up” or “prospecting” and why this mindset gives me different results
[4:20] 7 key communication skills you need to effectively convert “leads” to clients
[5:50] My unorthodox script for following up with a potential seller client
[7:10] Why your phone calls must get to “What’s In It For Me” as quickly as possible
[7:42] My script for setting expectations for referrals right up front
[9:00] Two key questions I ask to qualify – and more importantly, DISqualify the wrong clients
[11:45] How to use questions and “Tell me more…” to stoke a potential client’s desire for the results you can deliver
[14:23] Why it’s more important to listen to the reasons WHY someone wants to move than the timeframe they give you, and how to ask “If I could ____, would you ____” questions
[17:30] How to look at closing as “helping people make decisions” and why this sometimes involves making people a little uncomfortable – and YOU need to be ok with that
[19:55] How I use gifts with potential clients to break down barriers, make sure they remember me and even compel them to contact me when they claim they’re not ready to make a move
[23:00] How fear of failure and rejection holds most agents back from following up consistently and persistently
[25:43] Why I only need about 2 leads per month in order to run my business
[27:20] How my follow-up plan over-delivers on marketing, communication and gifts and creates a sense of goodwill and obligation that helps me convert an extremely high percentage of the potential clients I come in contact with
[28:20] How I developed by business to where I only need two pillars in my business, out of 11 possible pillars in real estate, to make a high income while working the perfect number of hours for my lifestyle

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